HELDINKY - Miles To Go Before I Sleep

front cover

Limited edition vinyl LP (with CD and download code)

released 5th January 2015

Turquoise Coal are very pleased to announce the release of their third vinyl LP and first release of 2015. Miles To Go Before I Sleep is the debut release by Heldinky, a trio from Bangor, north Wales. The group have been described in one review as playing "intense, dark and hauntingly beautiful music" and elsewhere their sparse intensity has been likened to the original PJ Harvey trio

Singer, guitarist and primary songwriter Helena Palombo grew up in south London, listening to the likes of Tim Buckley, Annette Peacock, Elizabeth Frazer and Kate Bush before relocating to north Wales. Here she performed as a solo artist, also playing at gigs and festivals around the UK, including the Glastonbury
Festival. She also collaborated with Wendykurk/Dethkats guitarist Mat Watkins, before forming the current Heldinky line-up with drummer Mike McMahon (ex-Vaffan Coulo/Valleum) and bass player Dave Taylor.

The group have developed a spare, taut and atmospheric style, stripped of all superfluous ornamentation, where the spaces become as important as the notes. The songs on the album were mostly written by
Helena over the past few years, with a composition each by the other two members. The album was recorded in the drummer's spare room, using basic recording equipment and retains a rawness that evokes their live sound.

The record closes with a cover of Be Bop Deluxe's Lovers Are Mortal, whose composer Bill Nelson has
endorsed, saying "Lovely vocal and I like the minimalist arrangement...would have enjoyed producing this for the band, keeping the same spare approach. Very nice."

The album sleeve features a painting by Peter Holloway RCA. The record was mixed
by Samuel Durrant at Studio Un (www.studioun.com) and The Song With No Name features a guest
appearance by guitarist Hywel Edwards.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep is released as a limited edition vinyl LP on January 5th 2015 and is available from our shop.

The LP also comes with a CD version of the album and a download code so you can groove while on the move.

Side A:   The River / Take Me Down / The Song with No Name / Swordfish

Side B:   Your Place / Time / Say What You Say / Arms / Lovers are Mortal

Heldinky live