Normal Shed Uses - Coastaln't

LP sleeve


released 2018

Normal Shed Uses' fourth album as always takes a different approach to the previous ones. On this occasion, the duo limited themselves to playing antiquated home keyboards found in local charity shops and car boot sales. The instruments used were:

Emenee Industries Audion Duette Electric Chord Organ with Polychord Selector (Model No. 800, Pat. No. 205965)

Bontempi BN8.22 (No. E2650428)

Bontempi Memoplay Solid State Electronic Computer Organ


The tracks were recorded between 11:58, 29th June and 13:17, 9th November 2016 CE and mixed between 13:54, 9th November and 15:46, 7th December 2016 CE at The Paace of Culture, Ynys Môn.

The cover photograph was taken at 42º54'47.7"N, 16⩝56'06.9"E on 15th August2016 CE



By the Harbour, Dreaming / We Choose Our Own Cage / Strength, Weaknesses / ...Opportunities, Threats / Import/Export / Circensian / A Temporary Arrangement / Below the Salt