Normal Shed Uses - Tonal Acts

LP sleeve


released 10th April 2015

Normal Shed Uses are a duo comprising Scott Saunders and Alan Holmes, who have collaborated on and off since... oooh, long before you were born. Their previous work together in Reinheitsgebot, Third Spain, (the other) Third Spain, A Silly Tree,The New Inadequates, Some Noise (Mk II), The Hispanic Arborials, The Festive Five, The Furtive Five, The New Yahoos, The Pink Ones, The Rain, The Baudelaires, Hewitt, Holmes, Saunders and Wilson, The Phil Layton Acoustic Ethnographic Ensemble and many others has taken on an almost semi-legendary status amongst the cognescienti.

The pair's latest collaboration involves meeting up every Wednesday at 11 a.m., chatting for precisely one hour over cappuccinos before recording music for a further three hours. Each recording elicits a different approach - for the debut release Tonal Acts, this involved a plunder of Scott's archive of unreleased songs, which were subsequently largely arranged by Alan, with all manner of instruments added by both, and much of the original subtracted. The finished result was released on Scott's 60th birthday.



Roundabout / Map / Inking / Shark / Beans & Peaches / Gone / Snowballs / Lies / Bees / Popes & Kings / Coin / Rust