Boreas y Gogledd - Civic Cerebral Collapse

LP sleeve


released 20th June 2014

Boreas y Gogledd are a mysterious electronic duo from the North. The Arctic north of Norway and the mountainous north of Wales respectively. Recordings are made long distance, with tracks sent back and forth between the two. Released almost exactly a year after the debut, the second studio album Civic Cerebral Collapse sees the duo venture into more political protest territory.



Football Is a Capitalist Tool, Plus it's Really, Really Boring; We'd Rather Watch Paint Dry / Why Is Every Toy Produced in China? / Elitism In Music Suppresses Creativity / We Would Eat the Rich, but Can't Stand the Taste of Exploitation / Fight Back Against the Rise of Fascism / World Banking Is Keeping Us in the Matrix / Glacier Melting Has Reached The Point of No Return / Reading Tabloids Turns Brains to Jelly